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Obamacare Lawsuit

Obamacare Lawsuit



After countless lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  were rejected by the Supreme Court, Republicans in the House of Representatives finally had a huge victory on Thursday (05.12.16) when a Judge ruled in favor of their lawsuit against the ACA stating that certain Obamacare payments have been funded illegally.

U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer struck down a portion of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act health law, ruling in favor that the Obama administration unconstitutionally provided money to pay for subsidies that were allegedly never appropriated by Congress for the ACA’s cost-sharing provisions.

Those provisions include covering costs for co-payments, reduced deductibles & coinsurance, that an estimated 5.6 million or 56% of Americans receive for plans purchased through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges. Continue Reading

Higher Premiums & Fewer Choices in 2017 for Obamacare Buyers

Higher Premiums & Fewer Choices in 2017 for Obamacare Buyers


photo 2Consumers throughout America may see an increase in monthly premiums for health coverage next year, as a result of Health Insurers being stung by the high cost of covering public health exchange enrollees and struggling to make a profit.

The nation’s largest health insurer; UnitedHealth Group Inc. announced in April that it will exit at least 24 of the 34 states where it offers health plans on the public health insurance exchanges next year, leaving Obamacare buyers with fewer choices in 2017.

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UnitedHealth’s Obamacare exchange exit strategy

UnitedHealth’s Obamacare exchange exit strategy

If you signed up for a UnitedHealth Group plan on an Obamacare exchange for 2016, don’t count on renewing your coverage next year if you live in Connecticut, Michigan, or dozens of other states. The nation’s largest insurer said it is pulling out of the individual exchange business in 2017, in all but a few markets.

“Next year, we will remain in only a handful of states,” UnitedHeath CEO Stephen Hemsley said on the company’s earnings conference call Monday. “We continue to remain an advocate for more stable and sustainable approaches to serving this market and those who rely on it for care.”

United first sounded the alarm about its Affordable Care Act participation five months ago, projecting more than $1 billion in ACA losses for 2015-2016. Part of the problem was that its Obamacare members had more health issues and required more medical services and prescriptions than members in its other insurance units. United officials say that trend hasn’t changed.

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Could a pill like the one in limited-less actual be available?

Could a pill like the one in limited-less actual be available?

Stephen Hawking Predicts, “This Pill Will Change Humanity”

[Harvard Study Shows Brain Boosting “Smart Drug” Proven To Double IQ Is The Biggest Discovery In History]

Recently Hawking made some comments in an interview with Anderson Cooper about a brain booster that would become the biggest event in human history


(CNN) Welcome To The Future Stephen Hawking credits his ability to function and maintained focused on such a high level to a certain set of “smart drugs” that enhance cognitive brain function and neural connectivity, while strengthening the prefrontal cortex and boosting memory and recall.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Stephen Hawking said that his brain is sharer than ever, more clear and focused and he credits a large part to using Geniux Hawking went on to add “The brain is like a muscle, you got to work it out and use supplements just like body builders use, but for your brain, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to enhance my mental capabilities”.

Everyone that has taken this, from athletes like Tom Brady to musicians like kanye West have nothing but praise for the brain booster, which doubles IQ, skyrockets energy levels and connects areas of the brain not previously connected. Geniux works so well for these guys, we had to ask… Is it safe?

After 7 years Harvard Scientists Finally Break New Ground & Usher In The Future Of Brain Science With Invention Of New Smart Drug That Increases IQ, Memory And Focus Up To %100

Over a decade ago ago Harvard assembled a team of neuroscientists to work on coming up with a natural brain supplement that couldeffortlessly boost IQ.

Today, those scientists made the breakthrough they were seeking and made the discovery of a lifetime.They came up with a brain boosting smart drug that surpasses all limits of known science.

The Supplement they created is now THE best treatment available to improve memory, sharpen attention, increase focus and boost overall IQ.

After numerous rounds of testing results were astonishing. One test subject was quoted as saying:

“As soon as I took it started working within minutes of taking it. All of a sudden, it felt like a dark cloud had been lifted up from in front of me. I was more alert, more focused, had long lasting energy, and experienced a mental clarity that I’d never felt before” – Ben Lishger Harvard Sophomore.”

The Lead Researcher on the team Dr.Rosenhouse gave us an exclusive inside look at the ingredients that make up this revolutionary smart drug:

“It is engineered with all the ingredients containing vitamins and essentials that your brain needs to ensure improvement in all aspects of cognitive growth, while including short and long term memory, focus, energy, problem solving capabilities and total brain performance.

We are all very grateful to have this now, as I believe it can help everyone on the planet and take us to the next stage of evolution. We’re very proud.”

His associate Dr.cortigan went on to say:

“This revolutionary brain booster enables your brain to be the most efficient it can. It energizes the tissue and functions deep at a cellular level. It makes your brain cells perform their task genuinely and keeps away all kinds of mental fatigue or weakness. Its truly a remarkable breakthrough.”

But what does this all mean for the rest of us? Could this pill help ordinary people like you and me?

The only way to find out is to try it an luckily The Harvard team has patented and sold the rights to major manufacturers who currently have a limited 3 month supply.

For me, my major concern is my work. I feel taking this brain supplement could help improve my work and increase my income.

Sometimes, just one simple decision can drastically change the course of your life. Literally, one click could be the difference between living paycheck to paycheck and taking a bus to work to owning mansions, yachts, private jets and never ever having to worry about money ever again.

As Warren Buffett famously says “the more you learn, the more you earn”.

Are you ready to take the next step in improving your life, feeling sharper and smarter than ever before and making millions or billions in the process?

“I wouldn’t have developed my patent formula if not for this amazingly incredible brain supplement .” – says Dr. Rosenhouse

Are you ready to find out if this can work for you? We already ordered ours and will be writing a follow up piece on the results, we encourage you to do the same.

The only thing you have to do is try it and see for yourself. Who knows, maybe this could be the one little decision that changes your life. Write us and let us know. Best of luck!

CNN STORY UPDATE – Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CNN Experts call this new supplement the biggest advancement in brain science to date…

CNN broke the news first and uncovered that Geniux raises levels of focus and performance every day by 300%.

As we researched, we began to see that this supplement has been quickly gaining traction around the world. Celebrities and athletes alike are already rumored to be taking the pill with the full scale public release expected shortly. The company and product is called Geniux. The site claimed that Geniux contained a very unique formulation of natural vitamins and minerals which together unlock untapped parts of the human brain. Our resident brain scientist Dr Raqif conducted his own independent analysis of the supplement and his findings seemed to mirror Geniux’s claims. According to Dr Raqif, “he’s never seen a food based supplement deliver such a profound upward lift in brain function before”.

Genius Steven Hawkings has Admitted To Using Geniux To Triple His Memory.

We tested it ourselves – did it live up to the hype?

After our research led to such positive reviews, we simply had to try Geniux ourselves to verify whether this was all hype. Almost every single man in the building volunteered to test it out but we chose our very own Anderson Cooper. Below is his account of using Geniuxover a 4 week period.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has admitted that takingGeniux he memorizes lines better.
14 Day Summary – Anderson Cooper’s Geniux Results:

Anderson has been with CNN for years.”The Geniux pills were extremely hard to come by” says Cooper. He goes on to say, “If you can get your hands on these pills – get them right away.” We had to wait 2 weeks before we got a bottle to test as it was sold out almost everywhere or over $300 a bottle from people trying to sell it for profit eBay People were paying top dollar for them on there.

The discounted bottle of Geniux was delivered in a few days from ordering and with surprisingly inexpensive shipping. Before putting Cooper on the test, our team ran a little bit of our own research before we put Cooper on the test and found:

Geniux has been clinically proven to:
  • Sky-rocket Concentration by 32%
  • Improve Creative Thinking
  • Boost Energy
  • Enhance Memory Recall
  • Increase IQ Scores by 47%

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